Monday, July 18, 2011

Winterpills @ DreamAway Lodge - Becket MA 7/17/11

We spent a mystical evening this past Sunday listening to our favorite band Winterpills ( under the stars at a fabulous place called the DreamAway Lodge. Tucked away in the deep woods of Becket MA, it comes highly recommended for both a great meal and a top-notch place to see music, with a history to match; it's worth the trip for sure if you're in the Northeast: (

And do not pass up a chance to see Winterpills play, should they come to a venue in your area. Check them out on iTunes. "Tuxedo of Ashes" is their latest collection of hauntingly beautiful songs. It's important not to forget that there is  amazing artistic talent out there needing your support, including people in your local communities that are making incredible art and music if we just take the time to search them out.

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