Sunday, January 12, 2014

And Your Bird Can Sing . . .

It's hard to believe we are almost mid-way through January; after the "polar vortex" which swept the nation in the early part of the month, things have thankfully moderated here in Connecticut.  A balmy day in the 40s was on tap for today, and it was hard not to get lulled into thinking Spring was around the corner. Get over it - it isn't. 

Of course, that's what I tell myself, but I can't shake the wishful thinking of revving up the garden again, starting the first clean-up of the beds and searching for the first signs of crocus. But it's way too early for any of this. What's got me in this mind is no doubt the little jaunt we took today to the towns of Middlebury, Woodbury, Southbury among others - you know, all those quaint little "burys" in the middle of the state that are perfect for antiquing and just general perusing of wares on a Sunday afternoon.

What I'm searching for this time around is a vintage (and/or just plain old, but with character) chest of drawers, sideboard, or other similar piece of furniture that I can transform into a cool kitchen island. This is one of my New Year's resolutions, to re-purpose a find into a fabulous island, with plenty of storage (a must when you have a tiny kitchen) and maybe a nice marble top to boot.

I didn't find that special piece this time around (oh, it has to be inexpensive too, so that is adding to the difficulty, especially when the words "marble top" crop up), but what I do find is a couple of mid-century (1957 to be exact) Hull Pottery pink bird vases at a steal of a price at an adorable boutique having a clearance sale. These cheery birds immediately put me in the mind of springtime. I guess birds in general do that for me. One of my favorite quotes is from Dorothy Parker:

“Every year, back comes Spring, with nasty little birds yapping their fool heads off and the ground all mucked up with plants.” 

 That just about says it, right? I also picked up a couple of contemporary ceramic birds (too cute to pass up and also priced ridiculously low) to round out the collection.

One of the Hull vases at left; close up detail bottom-middle and contemporary birds top-middle and right

So along with some "birdy" napkin holders already in my collection, these new pieces should feel right at home. And (most importantly) when things are looking bleak weather-wise, I will just have to look at them over the next few months of blustery winter to be transported back to thoughts of Spring and the ground "all mucked up with plants" - ha! I can't wait.