Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Life for a Vintage Poppy Brooch

 In a cute antique store in Deep River CT (while I was out shaking off the winter blues this past weekend), I stumbled upon this adorable vintage Oriental poppy brooch. The colors are fantastic, all fiery, orangy-reds and bright greens contrasted with the black seeds. JUST THE THING to get me in a Spring frame of mind. The price was right, so home it went with me. Now, what to do with it?
Nothing against brooches, but they do have a bit of an image problem these days, reminding some of their grandmothers' stodgy fashion statements of days gone by (that is, if you have/had a stodgy grandmother. I happen to know many grandmothers who are amazingly stylish and cutting edge).  Plus, "brooch" - what a strange, funny word. What's up with that?
 I really felt this beauty needed a little updating however, something to bring it out of the past, but still acknowledge it's timelessness. So I ripped apart an old charm bracelet that had seen better days itself,  and with a few adjustments and the addition of a chain, I now have a really great necklace.
Now I'm inspired - time to raid the jewelry box and see what else I can re-purpose! And most importantly, no brooches were harmed in this process. It can still be worn the "old-fashioned" way (but the same can't be said for the charm bracelet, unfortunately(!)

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