Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Moving Up in the World . . .

While we have admittedly had a mild winter here in the Northeast, I don't quite know how to take the news that my garden has now moved into the USDA plant hardiness Zone 7a. I'm assuming this is due to global warming; so I am conflicted over being disturbed at this news and excited at the same time (maybe I can finally plant some crape myrtles)!!!! Anyway, they have revised the zones, so  maybe it's time to do a little experimentation with new plants. Check to see if your zone has changed here:

I am starting to get cabin fever; I miss working in my garden. I am curious to see what Spring brings after this unusually warm winter. The crocuses are already blooming; the daffodils are poking their leaves through the mulch. The Dutch irises have had their greenery above ground since the fall; it didn't seem to bother them last year as they made it through the Winter from Hell, with all it's snow piled high, so I have high hopes they will make it through this time as well. Some new additions planted last Autumn in the garden include oriental poppies and blue baptisia.

I can't help but think of my peonies at the first mention of Spring; while I will have to wait until May to see them bloom, it's never to early to eagerly await the first bud swells and the promise of things to come. Here are a few photos of my tree peony blooms from years past:

One of the best places I have found to purchase tree peonies and learn about these beautiful plants is right here in Connecticut, called Cricket Hill Garden:

It's an awesome place to visit; the tiered peony gardens are a sight to behold in Spring and early Summer. Plus they ship as well . . .
Time to go - the garden catalogues are calling; I think it's time to check out those crape myrtles after all!

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